Effective business leadership means more plain talking…and less “RCRS.”

Sometimes effective business leadership means more plain talking…and less “RCRS.”  Communications challenges getting under your skin?  Then take a pointer from the CEO of Mylan’s refreshingly direct letter to the public, linked below, in today’s WSJ (A11: Dear EpiPen Customers…).  This CEO won me over.

Ladies take note…the CEO I’m applauding turns out is also a lady, Ms. Heather Bresch.

Ms. Bresch offers a clear explanation for how pharmaceutical products are priced in America, and how Mylan prices its EpiPen for Americans seeking a quick cure for allergic reactions to peanut allergies and bee stings.   Open, transparent, communications taking responsibility and sharing motivations builds trust.  Would you agree she accomplishes this in this letter?    Will your next letter get you to the CEO’s seat…or keep you there?

http://www.wsj.com/articles/dear-epipen-customers-1472247399 to log into the article if you have a WSJ subscription.

(NOTE: if you cannot access her letter online, ask me for the full version.)

Ms Heather Bresch

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