Stanton Chase North America – Searches as of 5/24/2015

Here at Stanton Chase, we are very excited about our current search assignments. We are working with numerous top-tier clients to fulfill some of the most essential and influential roles within these companies.

We exercise a strict code of confidentiality and never divulge any discerning client information. Below is a list of our current searches and the general industry that showcases the breadth of our involvement across different business sectors in North America.

We take great pride in providing exceptional service to our clients. Our portfolio and network continue to grow each week and I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to our team, clients, and friends for their dedication and cooperation. Stay tuned for the next search update in June.

Current Searches in North America

Position Industry
Chief Executive Officer Consumer Products – $4.3B in packaged foods, family-owned
Chief Financial Officer Engineering, Construction & Building Materials
Chief Financial Officer Software
Chief Financial Officer Retail & Distribution – Transport, Hospitality, and Recreation
Chief Financial Officer Healthcare Service
Chief Information Security Officer Pharmaceuticals – Global Top Ten
Chief Operating Officer Engineering, Construction & Building Materials
Chief Operating Officer Digital Healthcare Technology
Director Corporate Sales Chicago Public Media
Director of Sales Engineering Software – CRM Management, Industry Leader
Division President Technology – Robotics
Executive Director Exhibits and Education – West Coast
Executive Director Development Public Broadcasting
Executive Producer Talk Programming Publishing, Media & Advertising
Executive Producer Talk Shows Chicago Public Media
General Manager/President Oilfield & Mining Services
Head of Retirement Marketing Insurance
Human Resources Head International Port
Managing Director Communications Bureau
Sales Manager, East Coast Industrial Components & Equipment – based in Denmark
Strategic Advisor Restaurant Chain – 100+ Stores, PE Sponsored
SVP Brand and Engagement Public Broadcasting Company
SVP Content Public Broadcasting Company
SVP Enterprise Risk Manager Financial Services – Banking
US Country Manager Technology – Waste Management & Recycling Analytics
VP, Managed Accounts Investment Management – $800 AUM, Global Leader
VP, Operations Consumer Products
VP, Product Manager Asset Management – $140 AUM, West Coast
VP, Sales & Marketing Consumer Products Manufacturer
VP, Sales and Partnership Healthcare IT


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  1. Dear Paul,

    I am interested in one of the searches you are currently managing. Would appreciate if we can make contact to further discuss.

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