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Be the head of this Property Management business!

My firm has been exclusively retained to find the next Director of Property Management:

  • Responsible for an iconic portfolio of properties in Silicon Valley and Alameda County;
  • Overseas a team of over 100 employees, including Onsite Property Managers, an Operations executive, Infrastructure Executive, and Administrative support;
  • Lead with high EQ and compassion, motivation, and company pride;
  • Reports directly to the ownership team; and
  • Comes with an attractive base salary over $150,000, plus benefits.

Do you have the leadership skills, business acumen, technical prowess, formal education, and most importantly social compassion to be the leader of this enterprise?  If so, then you might enjoy this prestigious role and responsibility for a $250mm real estate portfolio.  You will be walking in large footsteps behind the likeable retired incumbent, who is leaves an organizational reputation recognized as the best in their business, nationally.

Do you have the mix of diplomacy, over 10 years of operations and financial management experience, leadership, and P&L experience to become the next “Mayor” for this portfolio of communities?

Stanton Chase has worked with executives like yourself across the country for over 25 years…thus we can support you in the future, as well. (www.stantonchase.com). Personally, I have been working with leaders for over 25 years to select and develop their executive teams. (http://tinyurl.com/n37wg32).

Below is more information about this position. You can contact me via my email address (p.herrerias@stantonchase.com) and feel free to send me more information about you to help with our next conversation.

Thank you for your support.

Position: Director of Property Management

Location: San Jose

About the Company:

Stanton Chase has been exclusively retained to find the next Director of Property Management for an iconic portfolio of residential real estate properties in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties which provide mobile home space combined with country club style amenities for approximately 3,500 total residents. They own/operate approximately 70 miles of residential streets!

Position Summary: 

The Director of Property Management is responsible to the General Partners for the economic viability, operation and maintenance, and community relations for the Company’s Silicon Valley and Bay Area mobile home communities, representing a portfolio of real property valued at over ¼ Billion dollars, excluding the mobile homes themselves.  The “Rolls Royce” of the mobile home developments, these properties are the pride of the industry.

In a world of skyrocketing real estate prices, these beautifully developed and maintained communities provide an option for those looking to purchase a first home, support a travel lifestyle, and/or live in a safe and secure gated community.  As the Director, each community manager would look to your leadership, diplomacy, service, and longevity to take them into the next decade or two.

Do you have the mix of diplomacy, operations and financial management, leadership, and P&L experience to become the next “Mayor” for this portfolio of communities?  If so, this could be just the gratifying role you have always wanted, where you will be greatly appreciated and rewarded for your service to this privately-held organization.    More details below:

This role overseas a group of Property Managers, and reports directly to the ownership team.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

Financial Management

  • Responsible for the short-term and long-term economic viability of the Company’s mobilehome communities.
  • Responsible for budgeting and approving all expenditures arising from the operation of the mobilehome communities, including scheduling work to be completed and letting contracts to contractors.  Sign approved checks.
  • Responsible for ensuring that rents are collected monthly in a timely fashion.
  • Work closely with the Accounting Department in monitoring the Company’s tenant billing contractor, and ensure that all receipts and expenditures are accounted for properly.

Mobilehome Community Operations

  • Design, develop and implement policies, procedures and work practices to ensure effective business operation.
  • Responsible for ensuring that company operations are in compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the mobilehome communities are maintained to company standards.
  • Oversee the Company’s mobilehome community website.
  • Work with mobilehome dealers in selling and acquiring company-owned mobilehomes.
  • Periodically visit the Company’s mobilehome parks.
  • In all of the above, work closely with Property Management Staff to support mobile home community operations.

Tenant Relations

  • Responsible for tenant relations, including meeting with tenant groups as appropriate.
  • Responsible for negotiating long term leases and “three-way agreements” on a periodic basis.
  • Oversee the processing of all applications for tenancy.

Personnel Management

  • Supervise the Community Administrators at the Company’s mobilehome communities.  Oversee the Property Management staff of four employees: Operations/HR Manager, Superintendent of Maintenance, Executive Assistant and Office Assistant.
  • Responsible for staffing the above positions, and motivating and training all personnel.
  • Oversee the Property Management compensation and benefits programs, as well as determining pay levels for all such employees.
  • Discipline underperforming personnel, including terminating those who are not capable of doing the job.
  • Oversee the Company’s safety program and training personnel in safe practices.

Public Relations and Legal Affairs

  • Oversee government relations as they directly impact the Company’s mobilehome communities.  Negotiate with governmental bodies issues pertaining to rent control and other matters pertaining to the mobilehome parks.
  • Represent the Company when presented with legal challenges.  Work closely with contract attorneys and city personnel to resolve legal matters expeditiously.
  • Represent the Company in various civic endeavors.
  • Represent the Company in dealing with news media.
  • Meet with local elected representatives on matters pertaining to rent control and other issues affecting the Company’s mobile home parks.

Refer all inquiries to:

Paul Herrerias

Managing Director- San Francisco

Office: +1-415-721-7001 x1

Mobile: +1-415-302-5300


Stanton Chase International

North Bay, San Francisco, Silicon Valley

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  1. I would be interested in learning more about the CFO position of the software company. I am a Finance executive with over 25 years of executive-level accounting experience within high-tech software companies. I have grown numerous companies from start up through equity exit stage. Expertise include: strategic planning, due diligence, revenue recognition, budgeting, forecasting, risk management, payroll, and general operations.
    I am currently CFO of a company relocating operations and am looking for a long term commitment to stay in Silicon Valley and help grow an organization.
    Previously, as CFO of Quantros, I sold the company to Francisco Partners, a Private equity firm at the end of 2010. I stayed with Quantros through the transition in early 2012. I helped Quantros grow revenues from $4M in 2007 to $26M in 2010. I personally accounted for more than one third of total recurring revenues through successful M&A activities.
    I have completed post graduate work at both Wharton and at the Blue Print to a Billion Institute under the personal direction of the late David Thomson

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