Onshoring of Manufacturing

onshore manufacturing

Ever wonder when, or even if, America will start growing its manufacturing base in the USA again, and bring back those jobs that went overseas?  So have I…and I was a part of America’s and the world’s manufacturing scene over the last thirty years.  To answer this simple question, allow me to reflect on a little history lesson, reveal the complexities, and then suggest a pathway to onshore manufacturing in America.

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Article by: Declan Shalvey, President – Orbaya

One thought on “Onshoring of Manufacturing

  1. Two relevant articles in yesterday’s WSJ on this topic. First about Walmart pledging to spend additional $250B on US made goods over the next decade. The second about Kent Bicycles starting to manufacture bikes in South Carolina…after offshoring production many years ago, ultimately in 19 different countries. Authors cite simialar challenges to what you have listed here.

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