Boston Marathon 2018- Race Preparations

It’s that time of year again!  The Boston Marathon Race is on April 16th,. I’ll be running for the second year in a row,  with new goals: re-qualify to run again, set a P.R. by 5 minutes, and place in the top 20% of men in my age group. Just reached my 100th day of marathon training, and as I look back at those days, some highlights come to mind:   

  • I’ve run 500 training miles since Christmas. The most in one week was 49 miles.  I’ve run 20+ miles only 3 times during this training.
  • My body had to learn to shift from burning carbs to burning fat while running…it finally did!
  • I’m so pleased to work with professional coaches who created my schedule and advise on pace, exercises, nutrition, hydration, cadence, etc.
  • Training included 4 running workouts and 1-2 cross training workouts each week. Rain or shine.  Dark or light.
  • Besides coaches, I found it helpful to run with others who have similar running goals and discipline.



Having a lot of cheerleaders helps, too!  Good reminder for me to cheer on all my friends and colleagues as they pursue their goals in life.  Wish us all success!






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