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Be sure to review two good articles in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.   On Page One, by Julan Guthrie, staff writer, explores the world of older job-seekers in a tough market.  Great article…good advice offer in her Tips section.

The second article, by Verne Kopytoff, on page C-1, Business Section, on how rising unemployment is pushing activity on the top job listing web sites.  Do you agree with the web sites?  I was surprised by the fourth- and fifth-ranked sites in this article, and agree with the to three.  in San Francisco, job-sekers can also benefit from Craig’s List and LinkedIn.

One thought on “Careers/Job Seeking

  1. I guess LinkedIn and Facebook will see a rise of usage for recruiters in the next few months to come if unemployment rates will still rise (I hope not!)

    But yes i must agree that rising unemployment is pushing activity on top job listing websites. It’s the logical situation to materialize.

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