Job Hunting for Career-Savvy Executives

jobsearchWhen a successful executive finishes up a term with one employer and needs another employer to continue their career progression, they invariably speak with executive search consultants. When they call me and ask for my advice on how to do it properly, here is what I say:

First, recognize that according to various surveys, including those conducted by Stanton Chase, even C-level executives report that around 57% of them found their last C-suite role either with someone they knew before, or through a first-line connection with someone in their personal network.

Second, like anything else in life worth having, it takes a plan.   A proven plan is even better.  Here is the one I teach at Dominican University for California to get one started in the right direction:

  1. CAREER PLAN: Create a written Career Plan.
  2. FIND YOUR TARGETS: Identify dream industries, companies, and roles inside those employers (Top Ten List).
  3. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Research those roles, find out who is responsible for hiring and employing those role inhabitants.  Conduct Informational interview with those Top Ten Employer Contacts.
  4. DEPUTIZE YOUR NETWORK: Formalize your personal network, ask them to help you with your search, arm them with the above information on your desires and assets, and then explicitly ask for their help!  Be willing to reciprocate when possible. Nurture your posse…they have better than a 57% chance of being responsible for your income from here to retirement!

dreamjobSound like a good plan?  Great.  Now that you know, what will you do about it?  Many successful people find that they need to focus on their Dreams, write down their Plans, engage a Coach to keep them on track and provide feedback, encouragement, and improvement, and then Work their plans on a consistent and persistent basis.

Call me if you have any questions…share this with someone you know who would benefit from this plan at this point in their lives…and enjoy career success!

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