What do you say when you address the #1 MBA program in the world?

I had an amazing opportunity to be part on a panel for the Executive MBA program with INSEAD in partnership with the Wharton School. 52 MBA students from around the world…with lots of questions on how to work with retained search firms and manage their executive careers. Impressed with INSEAD’s global programming, and with my fellow panelists! Kate Bullis, Eouard Murat, and Sara Van Dyck. Thanks to Stella Mandehou for her expert facilitation.

Insead is a global educational institution with a pioneering multi-campus model, our mission is to create an open-minded learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, in order to transform individuals and organizations through business education. Through teaching, we develop responsible, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations and their communities. Through research, we expand the frontiers of knowledge and influence business practice.

Click this HERE and find out about INSEAD’s rankings, awards, and achievements.

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