How does a CFO move to add COO duties and title? Great question…

Quick post, but wanted to share what we are talking at the Stanton Chase Global Partner’s meeting today, in Baltimore.

Doug Baker

Thank you Doug Baker, COO & CFO of Discovery Networks for your great answer.

Q: How does a CFO move to add the COO duties and title, like you did at this $3B enterprise?

A:  First,  master the three pillars of CFO role:  1) Accounting, 2) Finance, and 3) Strategic Debt and Equity management.

Then, rise above your CFO mind-set of providing order to become comfortable with managing uncertainty and ambiguity.

Embrace the fact that one must invest to grow…cannot just be a cost-cutter.

Finally, you have to be a good story teller.  and make it simple for the listener to comprehend and follow.

We study successful leadership at each of our semi-annual Stanton Chase global partner meetings.

One thought on “How does a CFO move to add COO duties and title? Great question…

  1. Paul,As someone who made the jump from CFO to COO, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was a CFO for about 9 years and I’ve been a COO for the past 7 years and it is a big transition from leading finance to leading operations. However, I will say the jump from Controller to CFO is probably harder for most Controllers. A CFO is more prospective or forward looking. Reporting the past and projecting the future encompass different skill sets and mind sets skill sets. Bty, Great blog. Sean P. Roddy

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