Happy Independence Day! 

We often hear this proclamation, but what does it mean to us today? For business leaders, it has special meaning. “This is America!” Where we can become anyone we want to be, and work in any career we choose. We are not told what to study, which fields to work in, or which employer to work for. Leaders know this freedom can be both a blessing and a challenge when building a business.
Being able to lead a business is a blessing, and we thank our forefathers and our previous generations for this gift of opportunity. We also know that it was a choice on our part to pursue our careers and ambitions. Our challenge is in the reality that our teammates have this same choice…same freedom of thought and career commitment.  They can be totally committed, or they can leave our team at any time.
Business leaders need the commitment of our teammates and followers to be able to pursue our dreams and goals of building our enterprises. They have the same free will as we do, and chose to commit to our team. We must give them good reason to join us, and stay with us, on our journey. They have the same independence of choice given all of us in this country, and all free countries of the world.
So on this Independence Day, let’s reflect on the gift of career choice, and, as business leaders, earn our teammates’ commitment for another year.

Boston Marathon 2018- Race Preparations

It’s that time of year again!  The Boston Marathon Race is on April 16th,. I’ll be running for the second year in a row,  with new goals: re-qualify to run again, set a P.R. by 5 minutes, and place in the top 20% of men in my age group. Just reached my 100th day of marathon training, and as I look back at those days, some highlights come to mind:   

  • I’ve run 500 training miles since Christmas. The most in one week was 49 miles.  I’ve run 20+ miles only 3 times during this training.
  • My body had to learn to shift from burning carbs to burning fat while running…it finally did!
  • I’m so pleased to work with professional coaches who created my schedule and advise on pace, exercises, nutrition, hydration, cadence, etc.
  • Training included 4 running workouts and 1-2 cross training workouts each week. Rain or shine.  Dark or light.
  • Besides coaches, I found it helpful to run with others who have similar running goals and discipline.



Having a lot of cheerleaders helps, too!  Good reminder for me to cheer on all my friends and colleagues as they pursue their goals in life.  Wish us all success!






Report from Seoul, Korea

Stanton Chase is now recognized as one of the Top Ten Global retained executive search firms.  To keep us there, and better able to serve our clients, we have two global partner meetings annually. We meet in teams to discuss industry trends, practice-group market dynamics, meet other search consultants in our fields. We invite expert speakers, and learn best practices from each other.

Our office team in Seoul, South Korea, put in much preparation over the last 6 months to get ready for partners from over 30 countries to visit, meet, and learn. We worked on industry and functional practice areas by day, and socialized and experienced Seoul by night. Our local office introduced us to many restaurants, theaters, and venues.

My wife and I added a day on each side of the 4-day meeting, and visited Seoul’s many, hilly, yet manicured parks. I enjoyed morning runs along the Han River, and through their beautifully maintained city. We also were fortunate enough to tour the DMZ, and the new 123-story Seoul Sky office tower, the 4th tallest building in the world. We navigated their efficient train/bus/subway system, and sample many kimchis.

Teamwork, comradery, learning, and building trust. It was a busy, productive, and enjoyable trip to Seoul, one of the most modern cities of the world.