Freedom isn’t Free


We often hear the adage, especially from our military servicemen and women, or our First-Responders, “Freedom isn’t Free!”  Here, FDR gives us another angle: “…it must be earned.”  Just like leadership cannot be given away, it must be taken away, freedom and leadership both must be earned.  What have I done today, to earn my freedom and leadership?



Thoughts on Misfortune and Good Fortune

This was one of Robert E. Lee’s favorite words to live by, per Robert Winston. One has to put a lot of trust into this saying, to bear bad fortune well and expect something good to come out of it.  The hardest time is right as the bad events are happening.  Which leads me to believe that I must be mentally prepared, at any time, to suffer bad fortune.  To be prepared to look for the best way to respond and forever carry hope that good fortune will be found in my challenges and struggles.  As a leader, I owe it to myself and those around to do so.