Career Momentum – 7 Themes for Success

Change the way you find your next job…by letting it find you. Instead of becoming an expert in seeking out and landing jobs, the most successful executives I’ve met create career momentum. This way, your current and past employers will seek you out and offer you jobs before you must look for one.

I interview executives daily, and here are seven key themes I’ve learned from those successful executives who are sought out by their prior employers and teammates.  You may recognize yourself in many or all of these traits and behaviors.

Here they areDevelop a high level of competency for your role. Know what you should know. Master your craft and prepare yourself for the next level up as well.  “ABLE”- Always Be Learning and Evolving.
Be loyal to the mission, your boss, your fellow leadership teammates, and your team. Let your words and actions convey they can count on you.
Can-do and positive attitudes are attractive. Be a problem solver and solution finder, not the blamer.  Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?
Be the person willing to go the extra mile. The highest ROI is in that last push, the extra effort that helps you achieve your task and serve the mission or help a teammate. You will be pleased with the results, and the recognition.  As Dale Carnegie said, “There is plenty of room on the Extra Mile!”Have a voice at the table. Come prepared.  Have an opinion and be sure to be heard. Communicate objectively at all times, without unwanted emotion. Provide information and understanding to support effective and timely team decision making.  Others will learn to rely on your input and judgment.
Be an Executive Team member. Be on your boss’ team. Lead your own team. It’s not all about you…be a servant leader up and down the organization.  The team will then take care of you.
Keep the organization and leadership team on track by providing timely, accurate, and relevant feedback. Focus on the mission and culture of the organization.  Let them know where they are on/off track and provide the necessary data for course corrections.  “Share the good news and bad news, but don’t surprise us.” Help process what is working, not working, and yet to be started.  Hold everyone accountable to the Strategic Plan, Budget, and Values of the organization.

I hope you see yourself in these seven success traits…and that you never have to seek out a job!  Wishing you much continued success and satisfaction from your career.

Annual Top-Ten Technology Predictions GP Bullhound’s Crystal Ball

Back by popular demand…G.P Bullhound’s Annual Top-Ten Technology Predictions. I shared these exclusive Annual Predictions last year, as I was impressed with their previous accuracy and the depth of their research on technology trends affecting our personal and professional lives.
I learned about this investment banking firm when they were a client of mine…and the most prolific one specializing in the technology space in America and Europe. They close more financing deals than any other Technology-oriented investment banks.
They agreed to let me share these Predictions with you again this year.
Learn what they are saying about Mobility, Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Software, Wireless, and the emerging leaders in these sectors.
Check them out!
How strongly do you agree or disagree?
Kudos to G.P Bullhound for their Research, analysis, and willing to make their stands and share with us.
Hope you benefit from their insights. Enjoy!

Digital Banking Continues to Rise

Tech-savvy millennials are driving the adoption in digital banking services

Traditional players are attempting to provide their own digital banking solutions

Some areas in the banking ecosystem remain uncapitalized by large players

There are associated risks and uncertainties around digital banking solutions

App Distribution Moving away from Apple and Google 

Some developers are considering cutting ties with the Appstore and Play store

Tech Giants are creating their own separate platforms to host their applications

Startup’s are developing more consumer and distributor friendly models

Employee Engagement Goes High Tech

Firms are exploring how technology can find the right talent and do so with zero bias

M&A activity shows that there is interest in Human Capital Management (HCM)

There are risks and concerns regarding the technology despite its potential

Retail Technology Gets Smarter

Most purchases are conducted offline, despite growth in digital retail

Companies are initiating the next generation of retail, combining physical and digital

Start- ups are providing an array of possible solutions to enhance physical retail

Artificial Intelligence is the End of Repetition, not the End of Life

From the 1910s to the 2000s, labor distribution has changed to reflect shifts in society

AI has the potential to –and increasingly will – solve important issues for the labor force

Though concerns exist around impact of AI and workforce automation, we believe working conditions will improve

AI will improve working conditions and the working experience

Many innovators in the space are painting a picture of symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence

Consumer Subscription Set to Eclipse Advertising

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become predominant enterprise software model

Ad-backed model misdirects companies to create as much demand for ad space, instead of improving user experience and satisfaction

Subscription based platforms are incentivized to improve their product and retain a loyal user

A Break-Up of an Advertising Duopoly

2018 = A watershed year for Amazon after relaunching its Advertising Services

It is ripe for Amazon to establish itself as a market leader in online advertising

Agencies and platforms are positioning themselves to help account managers navigate Amazon’s  constantly evolving platform

The need for an end-to-end partner is greater than ever

Last Minute Delivery Going the Distance

Users expect fast delivery to come as standard

The last leg of the delivery is the most expensive and inefficient aspect of shipping

Crowdsourced delivery is considered as a less asset-intensive method for delivery

Urban warehouses are under development to assist firms for fast deliveries

Companies are creating mobile warehouses to have inventory on-hand closer to customer’s doorsteps

End of the Boys Club

Investors are accelerating the success of female founders and women in Venture Capital

These investment strategies have garnered support from many LP counterparts

Female entrepreneurs are rewriting the narrative at the startup level as well

We are seeing a push for change from the top to unify the tech industry’s decision makers

Professional Capital Sources Scouting for Entry Points into Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies moving from the periphery into the mainstream and putting blockchain at the front of the corporate agenda

Our 2018 report “Token Frenzy, the fuel of the blockchain”, predicted a correction at a time of unprecedented euphoria

Interest in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) from financial institutions is in full speed

We predict 2019 will be the year of institutional capital inflow into blockchain

Click here to see their 2019 Technology Predictions Presentation 



Top-Ten Mistakes Candidates make with Search Consultants!

1) Confusing Search Consultants with Career Coaches.

Search Consultants are hired by organizations looking to add specific, strategic, and critical talent to their organizations, and are willing to guarantee compensation to the search firm for providing the process and resources to ensure a successful hire. Search consultants define strategic need, job descriptions, research strategy, conduct candidate outreach, screen prospects, present their top candidate slate, and assist the organization in selection and negotiation for a hire for one position within that one organization.

Career coaches are hired by the candidate, and work for the best interests of the candidate they are coaching in their job search. They assist with identifying the candidate’s mission, passion, life work, writing resumes, defining job search strategy, and coaching through interviews and negotiations.

2) Assuming all Search Consultants are the same.

Search Consultants either work for retained search firms or contingency recruiting firms. Retained search firms provide a process and expertise necessary to find the BEST slate of executive talent for a client’s needs. Contingency recruiters emphasize having a database of candidates already developed and are often called upon to present the FIRST candidate.

Within the retained search world, consultants can have industry and/or functional expertise and specialty. They can also be classified by their geography, executive strata, and type of clients. A Search Consultant may specialize, for example, in recruiting Marketing executives at the VP level into Midwest CPG companies owned by Private Equity firms.

3) Assuming today is the perfect time for the Search Consultant to meet me!

Most search consultants cannot meet with you whenever you want them to. Search consultants are focused on current client needs and search engagements. They remove from their focus any candidates or distractions that don’t immediately benefit their current client projects and their respective targeted candidates.

Yes, they may ultimately want to know of you, but typically don’t want to meet you for coffee this week. Get on their radar, get into their database, stay connected with them, get to know their current friends, clients, and close connections, and in time you will develop a strong working relationship with the best search consultants whom are relevant to your career.


4) If the perfect job comes up,

Search Consultants WILL find me!

No, you are NOT that famous…yet.

You need to make yourself visible to the search industry. How? By working for visible companies in visible roles. By becoming a life member of AESC’s Blue Steps database of executives. By referring good candidates to search consultants who do call you now. Join trade associations, societies, boards, write blogs, and attend trade shows.

Identify and recruit your twelve most trusted professional career-mates. Work to help each other with job references, lead sources, topical resources, etc. Arm your career board with your career objectives/goals/dreams/targeted employers, and then educate them on your current strengths, accomplishments, and a current resume. Do the same for each of them. Chances are good a search consultant will be calling them asking for referrals…and now they will find you!

5) Who needs a resume…I have a LinkedIn profile!

You have a LinkedIn Profile, but it is sparse, incomplete, and doesn’t have a picture! This is not being discreet…it is a missed opportunity! It is also poor branding, and people ARE looking at your profile if you are serious about your career.

LinkedIn profiles do not replace resumes when you are competing for a role. Admittedly, LinkedIn is getting better at reporting out your data in what looks like a resume, but go the extra effort and have multiple versions of your resume ready to represent you when the consultant calls.

6) Photos don’t matter much

to search consultants.

Photos do matter in this age of social media, so don’t just crop yourself out of a group photo, wedding picture, or with your arm around your date. Today,professional head shots are affordable and available…and appreciated!

I suggest to candidates that they at least take a photo on their smart phones, in an outdoor setting, with your body at an angle and your face straight on to the camera. Best is in indirect sunlight with no shadows on your face. Greenery in the background is preferred.

Photos are a reflection of your brand. What is your career worth? Let your photo reflect how seriously you take your brand.


7) It’s okay to shoot the messenger.

Didn’t get the interview or the offer? Don’t shoot the search consultant! Don’t brood, pull back, or go silent because you missed a goal or experienced a gap in expectations with the search consultant.

Instead, communicate, ask for feedback, think on how to use that feedback constructively, and then thank the Consultant.

Ask these three questions:

What could we have done better?

What did we do well?

What didn’t we do, that we should do next time?

You and your search consultant are a team. You select opportunities together, fight for your career options together, and close deals for your career success together. You get strong together and that yields you a stronger career advocate.

8) Branding…Who needs it!

The most valuable tool in enhancing your career and your earning potential…is your Brand.

Take responsibility for arming your search consultant with branding tools, marketing support, references, executive assessments, and specific information that will assist them in understanding who you are, what solutions you bring to their clients, and then arm them to represent you to their client.

Make Time for the Search Firm. Stick to your commitments. Be swift and responsive. Make this part of your brand, too.

9) I can do my own thinking.

Not sharing your thought process with the search consultant, and thus not allowing them to inform you as needed, is short sighted. If you know where you are going and have shared those plans/goals/aspirations with your search consultant, then be confident in communications with your search consultant.

Be open, informative, transparent, and open-minded. No surprises. Be willing to learn together and improve together. You and your search consultant share the goal of creating the best outcome from each search project, both for the client and for you.

Also, be timely in your communications and responses. Time matters in executive search projects and candidate-consultant-client communications.

Strengthen your brand with the search consultant through timely and full communications. You’ll feel the partnership grow.

10) Ghosting is the new normal!

Maybe this is acceptable behavior in today’s dating scene, but not in the work place. Follow through and communicate frequently with your search consultant. Don’t disappear like a ghost.Leaving a Consultant hanging, whether for a phone call, interview, or worse yet, an offer, is unacceptable behavior and grounds for being “blacklisted” by the search consultant and possibly their whole firm. Keep your commitments and your reputation…and your search consultant’s.

Professional executives always follow through on their commitments and can be counted on…they do not become invisible. Behave the way you would on the job, as that is the experience the search consultant will share about you with others. The way you work with your search consultant will reveal and build your Brand, your most valuable career asset.


I hope this list of Top Ten Mistakes when working with a retained search consultant is helpful to you in your career development. We wish you unlimited success and satisfaction!